BFT-P V8 Mold carrier steel belt drive

The BFT-P V8 high-speed mold carrier system offers the ideal environment for polyurethane applications with sophisticated mold technology and a high degree of automation.

The BFT-P V8 has been specially developed for the user-friendly handling of mold dimensions up to a depth of 1,400 mm. Free access from the rear and front allows for the integration of feed and discharge systems for inserts, components and molds.

The particularly low-maintenance mold carrier system has already been tested under production conditions with over 1 million cycles. After half a million cycles, operators only had to regrease the linear guide carriages and to retighten the toothed belt. Cleaning is also easy, thanks to a casing with smooth surfaces as well as embedded cables and media guides.

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Product data

Mold carrier system BFT-P V8 22x14_400kN
drive system elektrisch
carrier clamping plate(FAP) width 2.200 mm
carrier clamping plate (FAP) depth 1.400 mm
closing force max. 400 kN
tilting upper FAP 0/15-110°
tilting lower FAP 0/15-27°
tilting tower 0-36 °
closing time at parallel stroke ≤ 5 s
load upper FAP max. 3.000 kg
load lower FAP max. 3.500 kg
opening width min. 680 mm