Mold-changing systems

Mold-changing systems made by BBG – an efficient solution to boost productivity.

Conventional mold-changing frequently causes a lengthy production standstill. Use BBG's high-speed mold-changing systems to reduce standstill times that are due to mold-changing to a minimum.

We deliver complete solutions for mold-changing, including transport and storage fixtures.

Use the benefits offered by BBG's mold-changing systems.

  • Boosting competitiveness also in small-batch production
  • Strongly reduced set-up times
  • Minimizing standstill times
  • Increase in machine productivity
  • Flexible delivery capacity with a diversity of variants
  • Safe working processes
  • Low investment and maintenance cost
  • Improvement of just-in-time capability

Even if you would like to fit the high-speed mold-changing system to a mold or tool-carrier system supplied by another manufacturer, we are the right partner to talk to. Simply contact us. We will be happy to help you with our advice.