BBG is very satisfied with the Paris composite trade show JEC World

  • Focus on HD-RTM mold for composite high-pressure vessels

Mindelheim and Pais, 18 March 2019. . In particular, the cross-sectional model of a high-pressure vessel made of CFRP fiber braid proved a crowd-puller at the joint stand of "Bayern innovativ". Both the corresponding mold and the production line for the window frames of the Airbus A350, which are made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), were supplied by BBG.

BBG focuss their mold making expertise with the slogan "Die and mold your composite with BBG".

Keen interest in HD-RTM molds for high-pressure vessels

Above all Asian visitors and experts interested in hydrogen cars were curious about the high-pressure vessel. BBG developed and manufactured the HD-RTM mold (high-pressure resin transfer molding) for its series production. A hollow body made of CFRP fiber braid with a high fiber volume content is placed into the two-part mold. Subsequently, a low-viscosity resin-based composite is injected under high pressure, thus penetrating the braid and enclosing the individual fibers uniformly and without leaving any voids. To ensure process reliability, BBG has developed and integrated a sealing system for precise production under high pressure, which facilitates industrial production without any complex processing steps further downstream.


Production plant for CFRP windows on the A350

BBG developed, manufactured and delivered the production line for the series production of CFRP window frames for the Airbus A350. The customer is ACE Advanced Composite Engineering GmbH, located at Immenstaad on Lake Constance, an Airbus supplier that produces the components at its Hagnau site.

BBG delivered several BFT-C mold carrier systems designed as presses with clamping forces of 100 t in combination the corresponding mold turning stations. The molds are heated in the in-mold turning station that features a heating chamber, and are then inserted with the preforms into the mold carrier BFT-C, where resin is injected and the component is baked. After the mold in the mold carrier is opened, the component is demolded at the demolding station. The window frames can then simply be removed from there.

BBG is a renowned specialist for the plastics-processing industry

In addition to end-to-end production lines, BBG designs, develops and manufactures molds for processing polyurethane (PUR), PVC, TPE and other elastomers, as well as a wide range of composite materials. These include production processes such as PUR-CSM (PUR-Composite Spray Molding), LFI (Long Fiber Injection), RTM (Resin Transfer Molding), SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) or GMT (Glass Mat Reinforced Thermoplastic), which are used depending on the desired properties of the final products. The company also focuses on solutions for light-weight construction, the processing of composites and the production of fiber composite components in a large number of industries.

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