Robots prime and apply release agent

Two new robot-equipped automation modules developed by us have recently become available. One innovation applies primer or laquer to components without a person, while the other module takes over the application of release agent to mold surfaces.

As an international system partner for manufacturing solutions with a focus on polyurethane processing and the production of molded composite components, we offer all components for fully automated production.

automated manufacturing cell with robot and multi-axis linear feeding system

Modules for fully automated production steps

Automation modules are available for these work steps:

  • for material preparation and supply
  • for loading the machinery with inserts
  • for the actual manufacturing process
  • for the removal of the produced components
  • for necessary rework and for quality monitoring
  • for the rack of the finished components and their further transport
  • for consistent documentation of important material and production data
  • for traceable process data on each individual component

You can use our automation modules for existing plants, which we upgrade according to your requirements, or as a new production plant, which we design together with you as a general contractor and implement for you on a turnkey basis.

In addition to various individual components, the tools as well as mold carriers and press systems in particular originate from our own design and production. We purchase other modules from long-standing partners, adapt them to your needs and wishes and integrate them into the production line.

Modules for priming and release agent application

automated manufacturing cell with robot

Recently, automation modules have become available for the personless application of primer or lacquer to components and for the application of release agent to mold surfaces.

We already presented the concept for automatic release agent application at the BBG Innovation Day 2019 using a prototype. Now the new development is ready for production and use.

The advantages of automation modules

  • they reliably improve the quality and process safety of the operations
  • they relieve your employees from physically demanding and health-endangering work

The two modules were used for the first time by a North American supplier of passenger car and commercial vehicle parts.

Manufacturing solutions from a single source

No matter how extensive your project is, you will always have the same contact person at your side who will accompany you throughout the entire process. You discuss all the details that are important to you with him, and we take care of the rest.

BBG offers these services as your system partner:

  • the project planning and plant design,
  • the selection of coordinated modules,
  • the interface coordination between the different system parts,
  • the integration of all components into a central control system,
  • the transport of the equipment to your production site,
  • the installation of all components,
  • the commissioning of the plant,
  • the training of your operating personnel.

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