Tool Maintenance Station TMS

The Tool Maintenance Station TMS facilitates

  • Efficient and economical mold maintenance;
  • A high level of workplace safety for your maintenance staff;
  • Maintenance work without creating a burden for production operations.

The customized maintenance and servicing stations offer optimum conditions for preventive maintenance and servicing work on forming and punching tools.

The mold halves are automatically separated, the upper part is rotated by 180 degrees, which means that the tool or mold sides are easily accessible. All functions and components of the molds can be adjusted and tested under real operating conditions. The molds are closed precisely and safely.

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Technical data

  • Mold weight up to 50.000 kg (upper part max. 30.000 kg)
  • Mold dimensions up to 5.000 x 2.500 mm
  • Lower mounting plate can be moved axially
  • Upper mounting plate can be tilted by 180 degrees
  • Ease of access from all sides
  • TMS offers ease of loading (using crane, forklift truck or any other existing tool transport equipment)


  • Tool heating
  • Control of tool functions
  • Testing of sensor functions
  • Various communication and media interfaces
  • Customer-specific mounting options for tools and molds
  • Operation via mobile panel
  • Additional safety devices